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2 Hour Tube Ride On The Swan River

Jump in the Ski Tube and get thrown around on the beautiful Swan River!



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What to expect

  • Wet and wild
  • Guaranteed thrill ride
  • Get thrown around corners at crazy speeds
  • Get a group together


2 Hour Tube Ride On The Swan River

Our mission is for everyone that comes out for a ride with us to enjoy themselves.

Up to 9 people can jump in the boat while 3 people at a time can ride the ski tube and get thrown around on the beautiful Swan River!

You’ll arrive at Deep Water Point, get suited up and then be pulled around behind the V8 ski boat, jumping waves and getting flung around corners until you can hold on no longer. Chances are you will come out of the tube once or twice but you’ll climb back in with laughter and ask for more!!!



Skills Required:

Must be able to swim


Must have blood alcohol reading of 0.00

What Customer Needs To Bring:

Suncream, towel and bathers or wetsuit

Availability Of Experience:

All year round

Weather Dependent: 

Can operate most year round but operator will determine if conditions are safe and enjoyable to proceed

Amount of Customers:

Can accommodate up to 3 persons at one time (1 per tube)



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